Oasis Community Acupuncture
36614 Newark Blvd.
(corner Mayhews Landing)
Newark, CA 94560
(510) 552-2208

About My Practice/Fees

Oasis Community Acupuncture is one of many community acupuncture (CA) practices in the U.S., helping make acupuncture affordable and accessible to people of all income levels. There are also clinics in Canada, Israel, the U.K., Ireland and Australia. (Click Here to find clinics in your area.)

Research in the U.S. and thousands of years of tradition in Asia have shown that in most cases, acupuncture is most effective when given frequently and regularly.

With the affordable rates at Oasis CA, clients can complete a recommended course of treatment, without having to stop the treatments prematurely because of the money issue.

To make the practice sustainable, treatments are given in a group setting, on recliners, with several clients being treated in one hour. This setting creates a collective healing atmosphere. Most clients find this experience deeply relaxing and fall asleep during the treatments.

Clients remain fully clothed during the treatments, as the areas of the body that can be needled are from the elbows and knees down to the hands and feet, and/or the ears.


Most acupuncture clinics charge from $60 to $150 + per visit, with the acupuncturist asking many questions at the time of the initial visit, and the client being treated on a table in a private room.

At Oasis CA, the intake and treatments are streamlined, so that just a few questions are usually asked.

For follow-up visits, the range of fees is from $15 to $40.

For the initial visit, there is an additional, one-time $10 paperwork fee. There is no income verification.

Accepted forms of payment are cash and personal check.

We want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better! You choose what you pay within the range of fees. If your case will need frequent or long-term treatment, it is suggested you choose the lower end of the scale so you can complete treatment successfully. The primary goal of Oasis CA is to make acupuncture available to you as often as you need it.

Oasis CA does not bill insurance. The insurance companies do not pay for the services of practitioners who charge a range of fees.

If you have insurance for acupuncture treatments and would like a receipt for your payment (for you to submit to your insurance company), please let me know and I will provide one for you.